Recycling Week at 222 Exhibition St

Throughout National Recycling Week, KS Environmental in conjunction with Knight Frank held a special interactive morning at 222 Exhibition Street.

On the day we set up a stand promoting and educating on recycling relevant to the office building. As a further interactive component, KS Environmental also developed an online competition. Participants were required to answer a few simple questions and provide feedback on recycling and waste at 222 Exhibition St to be in the draw to win a special prize pack.

The objective of the competition was to engage users/tenants and gain some suggestions and feedback on how waste management could be improved in the building. The morning was a great success, with lots of foot traffic and enquiries. KS Environmental are currently working with Knight Frank with respect to staff feedback and recommendations that have come out of the competition results.

Competition winners:

Grand Prize Pack: Sam Blake

Major Prize Packs: Janine Donohoe, Benjamin Smith & Felicity Sims

Consolation prizes: David Hua, Georgia, Wencel, Rob Carr & Tara Callinan