8 sustainable gift ideas this Christmas

Christmas in Australia is an amazing time of year – we get that well deserved break from routine, some great weather (hopefully!), time with family and friends, awesome food, BBQ’s, beach cricket, and all the other fun festive stuff. . . then there is the gift giving!

While it’s lovely to give and to receive, it can at times seem a bit over indulgent and can commonly end up with too much ‘stuff’. We’ve done a bit of research and come up with some ideas to either decrease the ‘stuff factor’ or look more to ‘sustainable and reusable stuff’ (‘useful stuff!’).

Here are 8 of our favourites for 2019

1.  Reusable coffee cups and drink bottles seem to be increasingly popular which is great to see. There are heaps of awesome ones on the market but the Frank Green range particularly caught our eyes this year: something for everyone with cool kids bottles, handbag proof coffee cups and thermos style bottles. Check these out: https://frankgreen.com.au/










2.  Bees wax wraps – great for food storage as an alternative to cling wrap, and last for ages too. For lots of different options of pack sizes (and free shipping) go to https://www.beewrappy.com.au/











3.  If you are looking to buy clothing or accessories for a special person in your life, here is a great place to check out which brands are a better choice ethically. https://goodonyou.eco/

4.  Food storage bags – if you haven’t come across these yet you are in for a treat! These breathable bags (made from cotton) are used to store fruit and veges and it’s estimated that they can save the average Aussie household approx. $1,500 per year in food waste. They come in a variety of sizes, look cool and can help keep your fridge organised too! https://www.theswag.com.au/product-category/whole-swag-sha-bang/

Experience style gifts (‘non’stuff’)

5.  For that foodie in your life, think about a dining voucher whether it be something like a https://goodfoodgiftcard.com.au/ or if you fancy yourself as a cook, a voucher for your own home cooked meal or picnic.

6.  Membership or season pass – this would be dependent on the interests of your recipient but could include things like as a zoo pass, gym membership, museum etc.

7.  Classes or workshops – again depending on the interests of your recipient but think creatively – things like cooking classes, art classes, wood working, dance classes etc…

8.  For the person that truly does have everything how about a donation to a charity that you know would mean the most to them.

Happy (sustainable) shopping!