Beach Litter – your quick guide to responsible disposal

To keep our beaches and coastlines clean and respect our environment, it’s important as individuals we dispose of our beach litter in a responsible way. Depending on where you go, this might mean using the facilities at the beach or taking the beach litter items home with you.

To go one step further, if you see beach litter that isn’t yours consider picking it up and disposing of it in the right way – if we all do a little bit, it can really make a difference.

Here is an infographic of some common beach litter items that are found discarded or washed up on our coastlines and tips on the best way to responsibly dispose of them.

Back in the workplace, if your business would like some advice on how you can responsibly dispose of waste or set up some new recycling programmes, please contact us.

1 Terracycle offers a ‘Zero Waste Box’ in which it is possible to recycle cigarette filters, all parts of extinguished cigarettes, cigar stubs, outer plastic packaging, inner foil packaging, rolling paper, and ash.

2 Recycle your soft plastics at your local supermarket through the REDcycle programme.


4 For some ideas on repurposing things and other ideas click here.