Business Clean Up Day 2017

Most of us have probably heard about the annual ‘Clean Up Australia Day’ and some might have already taken part. But did you know that as a business you can also get involved?

The way it works is by selecting an area (probably near your workplace) that you feel needs cleaning up – for instance a park or beach. Then register your business team through Clean Up Australia and you are good to go!

Business Clean Up day is not only a great way to promote a clean, healthy and sustainable environment but it is also a fantastic opportunity to enhance staff morale and team building. Why not set your teams a challenge competing against each other to collect as much rubbish as they can (being sure to separate into landfill waste and recyclables) in a given time period? A BBQ lunch to announce the winners could be a nice way to round off the day!

Business Clean Up Day is Tuesday 28th February 2017. For more information on how your organisation can be involved in the event click here.