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Home composting comparisons

We have just talked you through your composting options in Melbourne, so thought it would make sense now to provide an easy reference guide as to what you can and cannot put into the various composting bins. Below is an…

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Windrow Composting Process

KS Environmental provides a great alternative to food waste getting sent to landfill through our food organics recycling programmes.  The organic material collected is sent to a recycling facility where it is processed either by invessel composting or windrow composting.…

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Food Waste Survey

Food waste consumer survey

Last year we touched on the Watch My Waste research that is being undertaken at RMIT. This study which is still ongoing was targeted to businesses in the hospitality industry to measure and analyse food waste. RMIT is now going…

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Giving people that SecondBite

Food waste is such as prominent issue and looking back at the Food Recovery Hierarchy, after 'source reduction' the next aspect we should be concentrating on is 'Feeding People In Need'. One amazing food rescue organisation that does just that is…

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