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Commercial Recycling in our office

As part of the TAKE2 campaign that KS Environmental Group is engaged in as a founding partner we have agreed to a number of environmental commitments. This is the first of many articles to demonstrate how we are achieving these commitments.

Commercial Recycling in our workplace

TAKE2 Commitment: Separate recyclable materials and investigate recycling options

As an environmental services business and being in the waste industry ourselves, KS Environmental Group pride ourselves at having a wide range of commercial recycling streams in operation on our sites to ensure we are working towards zero waste to landfill. All bins are placed strategically in high volume areas, making it easy for our staff to choose the correct recycling option.

Operations are constantly reviewed and further waste streams are added as and when new options become available.

These include:


KS Environmental can offer commercial recycling services for all of the above waste streams, please contact us to find out more.

Stay tuned to this news section for more info on how KS Environmental Group is carrying out our TAKE2 commitments.

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