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Energy efficiency for our waste disposal trucks

Looking at another one of the KS Environmental Group’s commitments for the environmental pledge program – TAKE2, here is an outline of how our waste disposal fleet is becoming increasingly more energy efficient and reducing transport emissions.

Energy efficient waste disposal vehicles

TAKE2 Commitment: Assess your fleet to identity opportunities for improved energy efficiency / Buy low emissions vehicles

Waste disposal trucks are in operation and on the road, every day of the year! These are large vehicles with big engines, so obviously, a lot of fuel is required to keep these running. With these vehicles all being traditionally powered by diesel they also emit large amounts of the harmful nitrogen oxide gases (NOx) into the environment.

Energy efficiency and environmental responsibility are two key aspects our Engineering Services department takes very seriously and we are constantly looking into new technologies and putting these into place.

Currently, our fleet consists of Volvos and Hino vehicles which we have researched into and found these to be one of the most fuel-efficient vehicles on the market.

In terms of emissions, all our waste disposal vehicles are being progressively transferred over to utilise the diesel exhaust fluid AdBlue® and other technologies for emission control.

AdBlue® is a clear liquid solution made up of demineralised water and the organic compound Urea. AdBlue® (which has its own dedicated tank) is injected into the exhaust emissions of a diesel-powered engine to reduce the NOx emissions. The AdBlue® and exhaust fuel mix together where a chemical reaction takes places and turns the NOx into harmless nitrogen and water vapour.

Having being first brought out in 2006, AdBlue® is a proven technology and a great low emission solution to utilise in our waste disposal fleet.

If you are looking for a reliable, flexible and high quality service for your commercial waste disposal please contact us. Our energy efficient trucks would love to collect your waste and recycling.

Stay tuned to this news section for more info on how KS Environmental Group is carrying out our TAKE2 commitments.

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