KS Environmental Facility Services is proud to be an ISO accredited and audited company in relation to Quality Management, OH&S Management and Environmental Management. We hold the following accreditations:

  • Quality – ISO9001:2008
  • Environment – ISO14001:2004
  • OH&S – AS4801:2001

Being internationally recognised certifications clients can be assured that we have been independently examined and have proven to have excellent management systems in place right across all areas of our organisation.

All of our processes are monitored constantly – ensuring all practises are carried out to the highest possible level and undergo continuous improvement.

Processes and Procedures in place

Examples of some of the processes and procedures in place to guarantee we deliver a high quality, reliable and flexible service
whilst adhering to the ISO certifications are:

  • All services/staff are provided direct from the KS Environmental Group. This ensures we have full control of the entire process and should issues arise we can act on these immediately.
  • All staff are fully inducted by KS Environmental Facility Services before arriving to your site for work. Our induction covers all necessary Work Health and Safety aspects along with any site specific requirements.
  • Open communication is encouraged between KS Environmental Facility Services and employees/clients to ensure any issues that may arise are dealt with quickly and efficiently.
  • Regular Site Inspections through iAuditor.
  • On major sites KSFS will install ‘Time & Access Systems‘ biometric face scanners which will track employees’ clock on and off times. The system will also detect who is onsite at 15 minute intervals. This technology will ensure correct employee attendance and you will know exactly who is on your premises at all times.
  • The use of environmentally friendly cleaning products where possible.
  • The set up a well-organised cleaner’s room where all equipment can be stored, along with a Work Health and Safety noticeboard displaying all relevant information.


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