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Food Waste Sacred Heart
Food Waste Sacred Heart
Food Waste Sacred Heart

Food Waste and the Sacred Heart Mission

We have been talking a lot about food waste lately and to tie in with the Food Recovery Hierarchy and more specifically the second tier – ‘Feed People In Need’, let’s take a look at a local meals program run by the Sacred Heart Mission and see how they benefit from food donations.

Sacred Heart Mission Meals Program

The warm, welcoming dining hall is the heart of the Mission and where hundreds of people come every day of the year to share a meal. The Meals Program provides hearty, nutritious meals to people who are homeless, socially disadvantaged and isolated. It is also a vital opportunity for people to reconnect and develop a sense of community and belonging.

It takes a professional kitchen staff of four and a team of 20 plus volunteers to prepare breakfast and lunch each day. The program relies on the generous food donations which come from a wide range of businesses across Melbourne.

Here’s a snapshot of the type of food donations that are received in a one week period for the Meals Program:

Sausages 60 kg
Ham Hocks220 kg
Margarine648 kg
Sliced bread, Crumpets and muffins 176 kg
Potatoes 350 kg
Strawberries 264 kg
Other assorted fresh Fruit and Veg 1,558 kg
Milk 432 litres
Assorted cheese & butter 70 kg
Eggs156 kg

These donations are provided direct from suppliers (approx 80%) and also from food rescue agencies (such as Foodbank, Fareshare and Second Bite). The Sacred Heart Mission also has limited funds to run the Meals Program but without these generous donations the service would not be possible.

The Mission strives to utilise all food that is received but like anything, it is inevitable there will still be waste such as kitchen waste and food scraps from plates etc. KS Environmental supports Sacred Heart Mission by way of free collection of food waste, recycling and general waste. All food waste that we collect is recycled through the In Vessel Composting process which is turned into high quality compost.

If you think your business could support the Sacred Heart Mission through food donations (or you would like to help out in another way) please visit the website

To find out more about Food Waste recycling programmes contact us.

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