Innovative waste bins

Working in the industry I’m always on the lookout for new and interesting developments with regards to recycling and waste.

On a recent trip to New Zealand these waste bins in an inner city retail and restaurant complex really caught my eye.

What a clever and innovative design – you can’t help but stop and look at them. The labelling on them seems just right for the audience too (busy food court) and hopefully gets people to think about what they are throwing in each bin (and doing so correctly).

From what I understand the food waste bin gets fed into a ‘continuous flow’ worm farming system that transforms all compostable material into top quality garden material. Waste is added to the bin at the top and the worms go about turning it into compost which is dispensed from the bottom.

Stay tuned – KS Environmental is on the look out for more innovative and remarkable waste bins and equipment from all over the world. We will be sure to post what we come across.

Closer to home if you would like to find out how your business can recycle more or to look into new recycling and waste systems please contact us.