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New Bin Labels
New Bin Labels
New Bin Labels

Introducing NEW Signage

With any type of signage it’s important to have clear, consistent, easily interpreted messages. With this in mind, KS Environmental has undergone the process of analysing, researching and designing new labels for the majority of our equipment.

You’ll see our new modernised labels on KS Environmental wheelie bins, 660/1,000 litre bins and front lift bins.

The new labels have been colour coded based on Australian Standards guidelines and all feature simple illustrations that are consistent across the board. Australia, and Melbourne in particular is a multi-cultural hub and we realise not everyone can read English perfectly. For this reason we believe the illustrations combined with text are definitely a step forward and an improvement in our signage.

KS Environmental is however always looking to improve and stay innovative so would welcome and feedback in regards to the new designs that we would take on board for future revisions.

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