Reuse everyday items at home

Instead of going straight to the rubbish bin with items that you have finished with or that may have broken ask yourself “could this be reused?” To give you some ideas on how you can reuse or re purpose everyday items keep reading.

10 Everyday items that you can reuse at home – that might otherwise have been destined for the rubbish!

1. Glass jars – rinse them out, remove the label and these are perfect for kitchen storage. Take the lids off and they can be an ideal pencil/pen holder.

2. Take away containers – great for storing leftovers.

3. Old sheets and towels – cut them up and use them as cleaning rags.

4. Old toothbrushes – these are great for cleaning hard to get to places such as around the shower, in between tiles and in appliances.

5. Furniture – repair or reupholster before you get rid of it.

6. Broken dishes – if you are feeling creative keep hold of your broken plates and bowls and use them for art and craft pieces like mosaic tiles, coasters or vases.

7. Plastic grocery bags – bin liners, packing and storing. If you still have plenty left over take them to your local supermarket to recycle.

8. Wine corks – save them up and make a cork board.

9. Tissue box – use in your car as a rubbish bin

10. Newspapers – great for cleaning mirrors and BBQ’s

There are many more ideas out there on how you can reuse items – particularly if you have kids or are creatively minded (Pinterest is a great place to look). Just use your imagination and challenge yourself to come up with some new uses for so called disposable items!