The connection between Food Waste and Food Packaging

Did you know that it is estimated that up to 50% of edible food produced globally does not reach your plate?

While there are many reasons as to why so much food is wasted, one aspect that has perhaps not been addressed too much is the connection between food packaging and food waste. To encourage companies to look into ways their packaging can help reduce food waste, a brand new awards program called ‘Save Food Packaging’ has been launched by The Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP) in conjunction with the World Packaging Organisation.

Companies that are proven to be developing sustainable and innovative packaging that reduces food waste will be recognised and awarded. Examples of packaging design which may help reduce food waste include:

  • Packaging that communicates well portion information.
  • Well set out and communicated best before/use by date.
  • Thorough information on left overs/storage solutions.
  • Other proven environmental/sustainable benefits.

For further information on the Save Food Packaging Awards visit the AIP website.