Through our partnership with Eastern Liquid Services KS Environmental provides an essential liquid waste removal service throughout Melbourne. These guys are highly trained and very efficient with over a dozen liquid waste collection vehicles. Services include:

  • Grease Traps.
  • Triple Interceptor Traps.
  • Sewer & Storm Water Pits.
  • Car Wash Pits.
  • Septic Tank Pumping.
  • Industrial Wash Waters.
  • Lint Traps.
  • Prescribed Industrial Waste.
  • Audit and Consultation.
  • Liquid Waste Management for Events.
  • 24 Hour Liquid Waste Emergencies.

Eastern Liquid Services is EPA accredited so that the job is done safely and according to EPA guidelines and standards.

That’s the Eastern Liquid Services difference.


In 2013, ‘Organic Environmental Solutions’ (OES) was opened for business. Our fully contained liquid waste treatment facility uses the latest technology from around the world and is capable of treating the following:

  • Waste oils and water mixtures.
  • Triple interceptor waste.
  • Grease interceptor trap effluent.
  • Car and truck washwaters.
  • Industrial washwaters.

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