Customised Reports

KS Environmental offers a wide range of electronic monthly data diversion reports that are tailored to meet our clients needs. Generally, the type of information that is represented is:

  • Number of bins collected.
  • By site.
  • By waste stream.
  • By weight and/or volume.
  • Including recycling percentages.

The reports are easy to read and interpret and are a valuable tool for clients in terms of data analysis and tracking performance (pin pointing areas that can be improved) as well as environmental awareness/responsibility.

Environmental benefits of recycling reporting

We can also provide year on year comparisons and calculations of estimated environmental impacts including:

  • CO2 saved – total greenhouse benefits.
  • Number of cars permanently removed from the road.
  • Energy saved – number of households annual electricity.
  • Water saved – number of backyard swimming pools.
  • Trees planted.

Interested in finding out more about monthly reporting?

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