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The (very) Smart coffee cup

Some time ago we wrote about The truth about coffee cup recycling, since then things have stayed much the same in regards to the recyclability although as we understand this is a hot topic so is being well investigated throughout the industry (for example Coffee Cup recycling trial).

Within our article we mentioned about reusable cups and how great they are. Since then, I have come across a really clever product that takes the reusable cup one step further…it pays for itself!

SmartCup by frank green is a rather swish looking reusable coffee cup that has a small built-in chip in the lid. This chip links up to the CaféPay app which allows you to purchase your coffee by simply tapping your coffee cup over the CaféPay device.

Apart from being environmentally friendly, great looking and functional – these cups are also designed, engineered and made in Australia so perfect for supporting our local industry.

Of course for the microchip to work the café you go to needs to be onboard with CaféPay. From February this year, CafePay will be expanding to thousands of café’s across Australia, making cashless payments with the SmartCup more accessible than ever before!

For more information on these SmartCups or to buy online visit

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