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Paul Smith

Managing Director, KS Environmental Group

Paul worked overseas and in diverse businesses before re-joining the family business in 1989. Since this time he has filled…

Jim Dunstan

Chief Operating Officer, KS Environmental Group

Jim Dunstan was appointed Chief Operating Officer for the KS Environmental Group at the start of 2014. Jim has held…

Tony Hawke

Sales & Marketing Manager

Tony has been heading the Sales and Marketing division of the business for the past 8 years and is extremely passionate…

Campbell Sanders

Key Accounts and Property Services Manager

Campbell joined the KS Environmental Group in September 2013. He has almost 30 years industry experience working for major cleaning…

Ken Bannan

HR Manager and WHS Manager

Ken has been the company’s HR manager for the past 10 years. Ken and his department manage all HR and Work…

Kelvin Witnish

Business Analyst

Kelvin oversees the Finance & IT departments for the Group. He brings over 35 years of industry experience to the…

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