Summer waste reduction tips – gardens

The summer is a great time to get out in the garden. It’s so satisfying to see everything thrive and grow – and even better if your hard work can end up on the dinner table! Let’s look at some really simple ways we can think sustainably, reduce waste and make the most of our gardens this summer.

 6 Sustainable and waste reduction tips for the garden:

  1. Why not ask around the neighbours and set up a sharing program for garden and lawn equipment (i.e. lawn mower, chain saw etc) – this will not only reduce waste but will also save you all money.
  1. Compost your food scraps and use this to produce a rich fertiliser for the garden.
  1. When the season turns to autumn, utilise your leaves as a compost too.
  1. Grow what is in season and look up recipes to utilise the fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs. Click here for a list of seasonal fruit and vegetables.
  1. Set up a swap and share system with colleagues at work for garden produce.
  1. Consider installing a rainwater tank or grey water system to water the garden.

For further advice on recycling and waste reduction or to find out more about commercial recycling programs please contact us.