Paper and Cardboard Recycling

KS Environmental offers a comprehensive service for all paper and cardboard recycling.

For Paper Recycling, we offer:

  • 120/240 litre wheelie bins.
  • 660/1000 litre bins.
  • We can even offer smaller printer stations or under-desk size boxes.

For Cardboard Recycling, we offer:

  • 660/1000 litre bins.
  • 1.5m3, 3.0m3, or 4.5m3 cage bins.
  • Lockable bins available.

We also offer Secure Document Destruction – click here to find out more.

Use of Standards Australia signage and colour coding assist in minimising contamination.*

*Contamination is essentially any item found in a recycling bin that shouldn’t be there. For example general waste in any type of recycling bin. Contaminating a recycling load can result in the whole load being rejected at the recycling facility.+

What can and can’t go into your bin?