Food Waste Recycling

Our food waste recycling (or food organics) service saves your food left-overs from being thrown into landfill and converts it into high-grade compost through an in-vessel composting process.
We can help you start your own food waste to compost program by providing 120 litre bins and kitchen caddy bins for use in your lunchroom/kitchen areas.

Benefits of a Food Waste Recycling Collection

  • Reduce waste going to landfills – landfills pose detrimental impacts to the environment, including leachate, which can find its way into groundwater systems. Less waste going to landfill will extend the life of existing landfills and reduce the number of landfills required.
  • Reduce Greenhouse Gases – greenhouse gases are produced by materials (including organic waste) in landfills. Methane generated by landfilling of organic waste is detrimental as a greenhouse gas. The carbon dioxide from aerobic composting is considered to be part of the normal biogenic cycle.

What can and can’t go into your bin?