Environment and Sustainability

KS Environmental is committed to carrying out our business in a sustainable manner and strives to make continuous improvements to our operations.

Some initiatives we have undertaken to demonstrate our commitment to reducing our own environmental footprint:

  • Development of an Environmental Management System that enables us to identify and control environmental effects of our processes and operations.
  • There are 43 number of water tanks on site with a total storage capacity of 1.88 megalitres which is used for capturing rainwater for washing our vehicles, bins and watering gardens.
  • 147 Solar panels generating approximately 537kWh per month and 3 batteries with capacity of 30kW (KiloWatts).
  • Extensive tree planting across our site.
  • Thorough waste and recycling systems in place across our office and workshops including food waste, mixed recycling, e-waste, batteries, scrap metal, paper recycling and secure paper.
  • Vehicles utilise low emission technology.
  • Our procurement policies include the utilisation of recycled materials where possible. This includes our in-house manufacturing workshops which are able to repair our steel bins. The plastic bins we utilise consist of recycled materials, and when items are required to be retired due to irreparable damage, they are recycled.
  • Participate in client Enviro Week activities to promote Recycling and Waste education in a broader sense.
  • Presentations and training (in regard to recycling and waste processes) to stakeholder groups.
  • Installation of more energy efficient lighting (transition to LED)
  • We are industry minded and we participate in relevant industry bodies and our CEO is currently the Victorian representative on the National Waste and Recycling Industry Council.
  • KS Environmental management and staff are given time off to support various community organisations such as Scouts, School committees and the C.F.A, and we would be more than pleased expand on our community and environmental involvement

To view our environmental policy click here.