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KS Environmental is committed to carrying out our business in a sustainable manner and strives to make continual improvements with respect to all environmental aspects of our operations.

Some initiatives we have undertaken to demonstrate our commitment to reducing our own environmental impact include:

  • Development of an Environmental Management System that enables us to identify and control environmental effects of our processes and operations.
  • We collect 1.5 million litres of rain water to wash our vehicles and bins.
  • Our in house manufacturing workshops recycle and use recycled materials where possible.
  • Vehicles are progressively being transferred to a low emission fleet utilising AdBlue®.
  • At OES (our liquid recycling treatment plant), all solid organic materials created on site are sent to be recycled as compost or carbon rich fertilizers. Tallows are recovered for use off-site in other processes such as cosmetics manufacturing.
  • Involvement in the Victorian Government climate change program TAKE2 as a founding partner.
  • As a business we engage best practices to support our clients in maximising diversion from landfill. We conduct thorough waste assessments for our clients and identify materials that may be diverted. We also offer support information for our clients through newsletters, brochures and website articles.

To view our environmental policy click here.

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