Notable Clients and Case Studies

At KS Environmental, we pride ourselves on fostering lasting relationships with a diverse clientele. Here are some examples of these clients along with significant accomplishments, showcasing our innovative solutions.

Melbourne Cricket Ground

KS Environmental have enjoyed almost 30 years of dedicated service at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG). Here’s some background on our relationship and key achievements:

  • Longstanding Partnership: KS Environmental has been the waste and recycling contractor for MCG for 27 years.
  • Comprehensive Recycling System: We collaborated with MCG’s catering and cleaning companies to implement an effective recycling system.
  • Equipment Maintenance: KS Environmental handles all maintenance tasks for waste and recycling equipment at the MCG.
  • Equipment Construction: We take pride in building the equipment currently in use at the MCG.
  • Double Award Recipients: In December 2023, KS Environmental received the MCG Contractor of the Year award for the second time, previously awarded in 2017. We are the only contractor to achieve this honour twice.