6 green resolutions for the workplace

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]It’s a new year so what better time to set some environmental goals in your workplace.

With the desire for sustainable practices undoubtedly still on the rise, it’s a good time to look at your current waste management systems and perhaps introduce some new initiatives that can become your green resolutions for 2018!

Here are 6 green resolutions that might work for your workplace:

green resolutions - coffee cups1. Simply Cups Programme

After an initial trial in 2016, the Simply Cups coffee cup recycling programme launched in Melbourne and Sydney in 2017. This initiative provides dedicated collection tubes and collections for coffee cups which in turn will facilitate the opening of a specialised recycling facility. www.simplycups.com.au

green resolutions - food waste2. Food Waste Recycling

An office lunchroom produces a lot of food waste but this needn’t end up in the general waste destined for landfill. With a food waste recycling programme, your food waste can be rescued and converted into compost material.

KS Environmental can set your business up with a food waste recycling programme, we offer both 120L bins and smaller kitchen caddy bins ideal for your kitchen areas.

green resolutions - binders3. Terracycle Zero Waste Boxes

The clever folk at Terracycle have created a number of zero waste solutions for otherwise difficult to recycle items. Some of these solutions include office binders, mailroom supplies, media storage and pens, pencils and markers. Terracycle collect the items and they are all recycled in different ways. Click here to find out more about the Zero Waste Boxes and varying recycling processes.

At this stage there is a charge for these collection boxes but Terracycle hope to in the future add more solutions to their already impressive range of free recycling programmes.

recycling champion4. Appoint a Recycling Champion

The role of the Recycling Champion is to take ownership of all recycling and environmental issues and ensure the waste management system generally runs smoothly. Depending on the size of your business you may need several ambassadors in different areas. To read more about what a Recycling Champion could do for your business click here.

green resolutions - buy recycled5. Purchase recycled office paper and stationery products where possible

Most recycled paper on the market now is of such a good quality that you wouldn’t know the difference and the cost is comparable to non-recycled versions. The paper recycling process uses significantly less energy and water than from making it out of raw materials.

For further tips on sustainable procurement in the workplace click here.

green resolutions - under desk bin6. Removal of under desk general waste bins

To encourage employees to think twice about what they dispose of into the landfill bin it may be worth thinking about removing the under desk general waste bin. To further encourage recycling this could be replaced with a recycling bin or box.

For further help and advice on how you can get your green resolutions and waste management systems off the ground this new year please contact us!