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The recent ban on some recyclable materials into China has certainly thrown the recycling world into a spin. And now with Visy no longer accepting recycling from around 20 Councils in Victoria we are waiting to hear from the State Government on a solution on how this will be dealt with.

In the meantime Councils are encouraging households to do what they can to reduce the amount of waste and recycling they are producing. This has a lot to do with product purchasing decisions as well as changing mindsets to think about ‘reuse’ before disposing of an item.

To help you out, we have had a look through our bins at home and have come up with 8 common items you might have in your recycling bin. From here we look at how you can help reduce the volume of your recyclable waste.

8 ways you can reduce recyclable waste of 8 items!

Reduce recyclable waste - newspaper1. Newspapers

If you have a fire why not start keeping a stockpile of paper to use when winter comes.

Reduce recyclable waste - magazines2. Magazines

If they are still in good condition and fairly recent then it might be worth asking at your local doctors surgery if they would like them.

Reduce recyclable waste - cans3. Small Tins, Cans and Containers

Buy the larger container or in bulk if possible. For example if you have cooked something using two small tins of chopped tomatoes then next time buy just one bigger tin. Or Instead of buying individual yoghurt pots, purchase a large tub and decant as needed. This reduces the packaging and is usually the more economical way to purchase.

Reduce recyclable waste - boxes4. Boxes and Cartons

If you have children ask at your daycare or school if they could use any boxes or cartons for craft projects. These could be used to make a robot or some other wonderful creation!

Reduce recyclable waste - glass jars5. Glass Jars

Your old jars (for instance sauce, jam etc) can be reused for a multitude of things. Some ideas: kitchen storage or preserves,  DIY candles, pencil/pen holder.

Reduce recyclable waste - bottles6. Wine, Beer and Soda Bottles

Over the summer period with more socialising happening we may have noticed our bin has been filling up with bottles. With febfast underway, now could be time for a challenge to cut back on the consumption and see what impact it makes to your recycling bin.

Reduce recyclable waste - takeaway containers7. Takeaway Containers

Keep these for storing leftovers.

Reduce recyclable waste - water bottles8. Plastic Water Bottles

This is an easy one – stop buying them! These are a not only a huge waste of energy and resources, they are also expensive. Buy yourself a good quality water bottle that you can carry around with you and refill for free!

In the workplace we should also be mindful of what and how we disposing of recyclable items. If you would like some help or advice on your current waste management systems, please contact us.


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