Reduce waste and Reuse through lockdown

For Melbournians it’s been a tough time lately. And as we re-enter lockdown, being faced with the coldest months at home, it can be helpful to keep busy with practical tasks and odd jobs.

With less access to shopping and possibly more time on your hands, it could be a good opportunity to think more sustainably and address that second ‘R’ in the waste hierarchy – ‘REUSE!

Here’s some tips on how you can reuse 10 every day items (and keep yourself occupied in lockdown!):

1. Newspapers –use these to line the kitchen bin. Also great for cleaning BBQ’s and mirrors.

Newspaper bin liner2. Take away containers –use these containers to store your bulk cooking or leftovers after you have been cooking up a storm or baking in the kitchen.

3. Old sheets, towels or T shirts –perfect to be used as cleaning rags if you are getting your winter clean on!

4. Old toothbrushes –these fit into those nooks and crannies the rags wont! – in between tiles, around the taps and shower and in appliances.

reuse toothbrushes5. Glass jars –rinse them out, remove the label and use for kitchen storage. Alternatively with the lids off they work well for a pen holder in your home office.

6. Egg cartons – fill them with soil and seeds and watch them sprout! What’s best to grow in Winter? Click here to find out.

7. Old lipsticks – can be melted together with lip balm to create a new colour balm. Similarly, the same can work for old candles – melt them together and add a new wick (you would be surprised how much is still salvageable).

reuse lipsticks8. Tissue box – put in your car to use as a rubbish bin.

9. Coffee grinds – put into your compost, worm farm or on your garden.

10. Broken dishes and old CDs/DVDs–had a lockdown breakage? Don’t panic, use your creativity! Broken plates and bowls can be used to make mosaic coasters, tiles or even vases. Having a clear out? Old CDs or DVDs can also make cool coasters. Check out Pinterest for ideas!

reuse CDsBenefits of reusing items through COVID

  • Reduces waste to landfill
  • Reduces recycling (and stops your bin from overflowing!)
  • Saves you money
  • Is more convenient – with limited/difficult access to the shops by re-using something this allows you to keep you job going
  • Keeps the kids occupied (with a craft project or similar)
  • Feels good – a certain sense of achievement comes with reusing

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