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Australians use over 3.5 million tonnes of cardboard and paper every year. That is a lot of cardboard and it’s growing every year! If your business ends up with a lot cardboard and boxes, don’t waste your money sending it to landfill – look into cardboard recycling programmes.

We have cardboard recycling containers in a range of sizes and all the cardboard is recycled to make new cardboard products, making the whole system very eco-friendly. Select from a range of recycling containers to suit your available space and budget.

Cardboard Recycling Bin sizes available:

  • 660 litre/1100 litre bin.
  • 1.5m3, 3.0m3 or 4.5m3 cage bin.
  • Cardboard bale also available.
  • Lockable bins available.

Use of standards Australia signage and colour coding assist in minimising contamination.

We also offer recycling services for office paper, click here for more information on paper recycling.

paper and cardboard recycling 660L bin
660/1100 litre bin
Cardboard Recycling Cage
Cardboard cage
Cardboard Recycling Bale
Cardboard bale

We offer a wide range of Commercial Recycling Solutions
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