Australians use over 3.5 million tonnes of cardboard and paper every year.

That is a lot of cardboard and it’s growing every year! If your business ends up with a lot cardboard and boxes, don’t waste your money sending it to landfill.

We have recycling containers in a range of sizes and all the cardboard is recycled to make new cardboard products, making the whole system very eco-friendly. Select from a range of cardboard recycling containers to suit your available space and budget.

Bin sizes available:

  • 660 litre/1100 litre bin.
  • 1.5m3, 3.0m3 or 4.5m3 cage bin.
  • Cardboard bale also available.
  • Lockable bins available.

Use of a standards Australia signage and colour coding assist in minimising contamination.

660/1100 litre bin

Cardboard cage
Cardboard bale

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how easily your business can implement a cardboard recycling program.