6 tips for Sustainable Spring Cleaning

Spring is in the air and what better time to start that annual spring clean. And while you are cleaning up and cleaning out it’s great if you can do so in an environmentally responsible way.

Here are 6 easy tips to get your sustainable spring cleaning kick started:

1. Purchase non-toxic cleaning products– these are kinder on the environment and better for our health than the chemical-laden alternatives. There are now many varieties to choose from on the shop shelves, or if you are up for it why not try making your own cleaning products from everyday items you may have around the house. Click here for some ideas.

2. Use reusable cleaning aids – instead of using paper towels and disposable products use cloth rags. Old sheets and towels are ideal to use for cleaning and can simply be washed and reused for future cleaning. Old tooth brushes can also come in handy for a sustainable spring clean – these are great at getting into small crevices and spaces.

3. Be mindful of water use – use a bucket and turn off the water tap between cleaning tasks to reduce water and energy use. 

4. Decluttering your wardrobe and beyond? Don’t just through things away, instead:

  • Set up a clothing swap day or sale with your work colleagues or an evening with friends.
  • Have a garage sale!
  • Donate to charity or online at somewhere such as givenow.com.au. This is a great online portal which outlines how and where you can donate almost anything – from your time, blood, clothes, blankets, bikes and even corks!

5. If you are having a good clear out of anything from papers in the office to paint tins* in the garage make sure you dispose of things in the right way – recycle what you can and only use your landfill bin for items you cannot recycle. For help on what can and cannot be recycled there are a couple of great apps out there:

  • RecycleSmart is an Australian wide  app which draws data from the RecyclingNearYou site for every Australian council and allows users to easily search for information about how to recycle over 170 household items.
  • * In regard to paint cans these can’t be recycled through the usual kerbside collections but Paintback® has set up 30 permanent drop off sites around Victoria where you can take your paint cans to be recycled.

6. Spring cleaning your fridge? Check out this app to use up those leftovers you have come across.

If you are also undertaking a sustainable spring clean in your office and are not sure of how to best dispose of items or think your office could better recycle please contact us. We can set you up with a brand new waste management programme.