10 quick tips to save paper in the office

While most office paper can be recycled I think we would all agree that printing things unnecessarily is wasteful.

Here are some quick tips on how you can save paper in the office:

  1. Think before you print or post! Ask yourself the questions – ‘do I really need this paperwork?’ and ‘could this be emailed rather than posted out?’
  1. Print documents double-sided when you can.
  1. Print preview documents to ensure formatting looks correct before hitting the print button.
  1. Proof read the document on screen before you print.
  1. Print only the pages you need from a large document.
  1. Set up a tray for waste paper printed on one side only to use for scrap/note paper.
  1. If you are distributing hard copies of reports internally ask your recipients if they would be happy to receive these electronically instead.
  1. Review mailing distribution lists for brochures, flyers etc to remove any old contacts. Consider moving over to an electronic distribution.
  1. If you are taking handouts to a meeting decide if it’s imperative that everybody have a copy – could people share? Confirm the numbers attending so you are not printing overs.
  1. It’s inevitable there will be paper waste throughout the office – ensure it’s recycled correctly.

To find out how you can set up a paper recycling system that’s right for your office contact us.