Another option for wholesale food waste

Given that it is reported that around one third of the food produced in the world (1.3 million tonnes) goes to waste, we should always be on the lookout for new ways to avoid unnecessary food waste.

If you are a Melbournian you might have already come across the consumer food waste app – ‘Yume’, whereby consumers were able to get amazing food deals (50% off) offered by a participating café, restaurant or food outlet when they had too much of something and needed to get it on the plate and out the door quickly.

While the Yume app is currently being redesigned the latest B2B food waste initiative from Yume is underway – ‘Yume Wholesale’. In Australia the food manufacturing industry discards 1.9million tonnes of food with only 45,000 tonnes being rescued by the big four food rescue organisations so there is a significant gap!

If you are a food wholesaler, producer or distributer that finds yourself with quality surplus goods Yume could be another avenue to ensure you are a food waste free zone. On the other side if you are a restaurant, café, takeaway shop, caterer or have a corporate kitchen you may be interested in purchasing these products at a discounted rate.

The ‘Yume Wholesale’ is a web platform that enables suppliers to either donate or sell food surplus to requirements at a discounted rate making it available to the participating buyers online.

It’s easy (and free!) to register and become involved with ‘Yume Wholesale’ as either a buyer or seller. Simply visit to find out more.

For commercial food waste that you are unable to donate or sell, KS Environmental can help you. Contact us to find out more about our reliable and efficient food waste recycling collections.