Australasian Recycling Label officially launched

The Australasian Recycling label (ARL) has now been officially launched nation-wide. You may have already noticed this label on the early adapters such as brands Blackmores, Nestle, Officeworks and even Australia Post satchels. Hopefully we will now start to see this label be rolled out upon more and more products.

The label takes all of the guess work out of how to responsibly dispose of your products packaging and clearly states which parts can and cannot be recycled. Below is an example of how the ARL might look on a box of chocolates:

  • Box – recyclable.
  • Tray – check locally (this could be done through apps  RecycleSmart (Australian wide app) or The Sustain Me app (Melbourne only).
  • Outer wrap – not recyclable, should go into general waste.

Australasian Recycling labelWe think this label is a great idea, removing the confusion for a consumer on how and where to dispose of the waste should encourage recycling and reduce contamination. If you are brand owner and would like find out more how you can get onboard with the ARL, click here.

And for more general information the Australasian Recycling Label scheme, click here.