Donating unused clothing and goods responsibly

Over the long weekend in Victoria I drove past my local charity shop and was appalled to see the number of both bagged and unbagged clothing and other goods that had been left outside the door of the shop. From a quick glance I could see that much of these items would deemed as rubbish.

Despite there being signs in the window asking people not to leave anything outside the shop, this illegal dumping is still happening. What also puzzled me is the fact that probably less than 100 metres away is at least half a dozen of the charity bins where people can donate their goods at any time of day.

What people may not realise is that it costs charities millions of dollars every year to clear up these so called ‘donations’. Clothes and other items strewn all over the footpath creates a public hazard and if it rains everything would be ruined and therefore sent to landfill anyway.

Donating your unused clothing, furniture and home wares is no doubt a fantastic way of helping your community, the environment and of course decluttering your house – but please make sure you do it in a responsible way.

Most charities will accept clothes, toys, furniture, home wares and electrical items as long as they are in reasonable condition. Anything that is ripped, torn, stained or in need of repair is not sellable though so please bear this in mind. Due to Occupational Health and Safety issues some items such as baby cots, prams and strollers will only be accepted if they have a Standards Australia logo on them. To find out more about what is acceptable go online to your local charity or ask them in store.

If you have any other items at home or in the office that you would like to donate but are not sure how, visit the website This is a great online portal which outlines how and where you can donate almost anything – from your time, blood, clothes, blankets, bikes and even corks!

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