Earth Day ideas for your business

Did you know Earth Day is coming up soon? The worldwide event is celebrated on April 22nd annually and the objective of it is to raise public awareness for environmental protection and inspire appreciation of our planet. More than 193 countries are now involved in Earth Day activities such as rallies, conferences and various other initiatives.

As a business, you can get involved too! To celebrate and mark Earth Day in your organisation why not do so with fun and interactive activities for staff? Here’s some ideas that you could put into play the week or day prior to Earth Day.

8 fun and interactive Earth Day ideas for your business:

1.  Set up an environmental pledge board where people can write their environmental pledge on for the year (for example: ‘I will remember to turn off lights’. ‘I will say no to plastic bags’). To keep the project active, a monthly update could be scheduled.

2.  Encourage employees to carpool for the week (which may hopefully continue after the week).

Group Of Business Colleagues Car Pooling Journey Into Work

3.  Set up a staff ‘swap day’ or clothing drive for items that may be sitting at home unused.

4.  Paper free day challenge for Friday 21st April.

Businessman Throwing Paper In Office

5.  A week long sustainable challenge: for example – no waste lunch, no disposable coffee cups, car free.

6.  Raise money to donate to a local environmental group. Employee donations could be matched by the company.

Plant growing from coin jar

7.  Staff Clean up day– company grounds, yard or wider community. Set a challenge between teams of employees to collect the most rubbish.

8.  Earth Day selfie challenge – Workers take a photo of themselves doing something eco-friendly at work.