Eliminate your food waste with this app!

Working in a commercial kitchen can be extremely busy and often chaotic – things like keeping track of how much food you are actually wasting can be really difficult. However, food waste is a very important aspect to understand both from a business point of view and a sustainability stance.

The ‘Wise up on Waste’ app is a great tool to help businesses identify where and when you are generating most food waste and the potential saving you can make if you reduce your food waste by 20%.

The app itseIMG_8263lf is very user friendly and intuitive. First steps after downloading the app would be to conduct an initial audit of your food waste. To do this you simply input your approx. weights for food waste for three days. These are broken down into spoilage waste, prep waste and customer plate waste for each serving (breakfast, lunch, dinner).





From here you will be shown the average kg breakdown of the food waste per sitting and also the percentage breakdown for what area of food waste it is (spoilage, prep, customer plate). You will then be given figures of how a 20% reduction in waste will impact financially. Graphs are also available as a summary of the audit. All of these results are compiled together and can then be emailed to yourself to do with as you see fit.


Once you know where your food waste is coming click on the ‘waste actions’ button and from here you can download practical tips and tools. For some more food waste reduction tips in a commercial kitchen click here.



Wise Up on Waste can be downloaded on the App Store for iPhone, on Google Play for Android and also as a web app.

If you are struggling to get a handle on your food waste, I would highly recommend downloading this app – it might be just the helping hand you need to get on top of things.

For inevitable food waste in the kitchen, contact us to find out about our food organics recycling programmes. We can offer you regular and reliable collections, ensuring your food waste does not end up in landfill!