National Litter Index 2017 – Victoria’s performance

The National Litter Index (NLI) is an annual survey conducted across 983 sites nationwide with 151 in Victoria. The areas surveyed include beaches, car parks, major road/highways, industrial precincts, recreational parks, residential streets and retail precincts. This year marked the twelfth year of the survey being conducted. 

Since the inception of the surveys, it is promising to see that the litter rate has been on a gradual downward trend (with a few ups and downs on the way). Comparing this year (2016/17) with the previous year (2015/16) the litter rate (by items counted) has dropped 4.3% which is great.

So how does’s Victoria compare? Let’s take a look…

For further insights and to read the full data reports click the below sources:
National results:
Victoria results: