Quick Party Recycling Guide

You might be hosting a Grand Final party or with the weather improving are planning some barbecues or get togethers. Either way, this quick party recycling guide will come in handy to help you dispose of your waste in an environmentally responsible way.

This ‘Quick Party Recycling Guide’ shows 10 common waste items you’ll come across at parties or gatherings and where they should go.

To encourage your guests to follow the recycling guidelines it’s a good idea to set up some tubs or bins in various areas where people can dispose of their cans and bottles. If you make it easy then your guests will be more than happy to do this. Plus, it saves you a huge clean up the next day!

Please note: 
items will differ between Councils so if you are unsure check out your Councils website for clarity. Our research has been done using the RecycleSmart app.
* Some Councils now offer combined food and garden waste collections. These food waste collections might allow paper towels (refer to your bin lid or check with your Council).

In the workplace if you would like some advice on how you can reduce your waste or implement some new recycling schemes please contact us.