Supporting World Environment Day

World Environment Day is a big day on the calendar for the United Nations and environmentalists worldwide. The objective of the annual event is to raise awareness on promote action on environmental issues. Each year there is a theme, with the years being ‘Connecting People to Nature’, encouraging people to get outdoors and into nature to appreciate its beauty and to think about how we are part of nature and how intimately we depend on it.

So why not get out into the great outdoors this weekend and enjoy and appreciate all that we have on offer right here on our doorstep in Australia.

Honing in on things lets take the time to look at some practical ways we can help protect and care for the environment in our every day lives:

8 practical ways you can help protect and care for the environment

 1.  Get clued up on what you are purchasing – avoid buying products that are linked with known environmental issues such as palm oil. Sometimes the labelling can be confusing (or a little misleading) but there there is a great app that can help you out called POI Palm Oil Barcode Scanner.

2.  To further assist with shopping ethically the app ‘Good On You‘ may be just what you need. This app is Australian based and lists more than 3,000 clothing, footwear and accessory brands you will find commonly in Australian shopping malls. Brands are given an overall ‘ethical’ rating based on categories such as labour, environment and animal use.

3.  Avoid what carbon emissions you can and if it’s possible consider riding a bike to work, car pooling or using public transport.

4.  Remember to say no to plastic bags! If you do end up with some though be sure to use the recycling scheme at your local supermarket to ensure they do not unnecessarily end up in landfill.

5. Think AVOID – REUSE – RECYCLE! Click here for some tips on how you can AVOID or reduce waste.

6.  Set up a compost or worm farm at home to deal with food scraps. At work you may benefit with a food waste recycling program.

7.  Conserve energy where you can and remember to turn off lights, appliances etc that are not being used.

8.  Where possible opt out of mail – set things up so you receive bills etc electronically.