Toolkit for responsible waste management

The clever folk at Planet Ark have developed the ‘War on Waste Toolkit’ which is a fantastic tool for businesses that are either wanting to start down a path of responsible waste management or are looking at improving existing systems. The Toolkit can be found here.

Here’s an overview of what you can find:

1.  Where to start – ‘No Brainer Checklist’

Perfect if you are just starting out on your waste management journey. Covers off specific FREE recycling programmes available from Planet Ark for example printer cartridges and mobile phones.

2.  The ‘Business Case for Less Waste’

This investigates benefits your business may see by improving waste management practices and recycling. These include:

  • Reduction of unnecessary costs.
  • Providing a competitive or efficiency edge.
  • Boosting staff morale.
  • A smaller environmental footprint.

 3.  Snapshot of waste (waste assessment)

This stage is looking at where your business is currently at with your waste and recommends some ways an assessment or audit could be carried out. If you are a Melbourne based business and would like a hand with carrying out a waste assessment in your business, KS Environmental would be happy to visit you and give you some pointers – contact us to make an appointment.

4.  Reviewing waste contracts

Planet Ark provides a great document to help your business review current waste contracts, it covers off all those questions you might not have thought of yourself!

There is also a tool to help businesses review equipment requirements.

5.  Choosing the right recycler

Here you will find a downloadable checklist to help you answer the questions you need to find a recycler that suits you.

6.  Promoting to colleagues

It’s not always easy getting everyone onboard with new practices or processes in the workplace. Planet Ark offer some assistance with initial communications and signage templates that could be used when you have a new system up and running, these include:

  • Poster and signage options (for each main recycling stream and general recycling).
  • Adaptable email template.
  • Behaviour Change insights – hints and tips on how to change habits of staff.

 7.   Buying it back

A few ways in which your business can close the loop on procurement:

  • Sustainable paper.
  • Recycled Products Directory (where to buy items that are made from recycled materials – workwise this includes items such as office furniture and stationery).
  • Tips on sustainable procurement.

8.  Promoting to Customers

Ideas of how you can engage with your customers and show them your commitment to environmentally responsible waste management. Includes:

  • Social media graphics.
  • Information on environmental benefits of recycling (including link to a calculator)
  • Option to contact Planet Ark to feature in a case study (once you have a successful waste management solution up and running).

9.  Choosing to Reuse

Information on available alternatives to some of the most common single use plastics such as coffee cups, water bottles and shopping bags. Click here for some more ideas on how to ditch the plastics!

10.  Exploring waste as a resource

Find out about ‘Industrial Ecology’ (networks being set up to facilitate the exchange of one company’s waste, so it becomes the input for another’s business.). Also read some case studies of successful business recycling systems to help get you inspired.

Where to now?

After you have taken a look at the Toolkit and have decided you would like to move forward with some new waste disposal or recycling initiatives please consider KS Environmental. We offer reliable waste collections and a wide range of recycling services to Melbourne based businesses (and we think we can tick all the boxes!).