Zero-waste supermarket

As we have covered off in previous posts, packaging (and in particular food packaging) is one of the biggest challenges in relation to waste management so it’s always interesting to see new ways of tackling this issue.

When it comes to efficiency and great new innovations the Germans are world leading. So it’s no surprise to see them come with this clever (and almost impossible?) idea and opening up a zero-waste supermarket!

Berlin houses Original Unverpackt (Original Unpackaged – OU) this bulk-bin style supermarket which stocks mostly organic products and has absolutely no packaging, plastic or big-name brands! Here you will find anything from fruits, vegetables, flour, grains and even milk and shampoo dispensed from refillable containers. And in true Berlin fashion, the place looks minimalist, modern and stylish.

At OU customers bring in their own containers and select the exact the exact amount they need and pay per weight.

Clever thinking!