6 tips for an environmentally friendly camping trip

Whether you are ‘glamping’ or camping in the more traditional sense these holidays, here are six tips to help you on your way to an environmentally friendly camping trip.

 1.  If you are in need of camping equipment, consider buying some things second hand or hiring it, it will save your pocket too.

2.  Solar power all the way! This can include gear such as lanterns, showers and chargers.

environmentally friendly camping - solar panels3.  Buy good reusable cooking equipment, crockery and cutlery. Avoid using disposable items that will only end up in landfill (and leave you with more waste to get rid of).

4.  Plan your meals and food storage. When you are camping it is probably not practical to have lots of left overs or excess food as it’s likely to go to waste due to lack of adequate storage or refrigeration. Plan your meals before you go and buy only what you need.

5.  Device free holiday. As a nation, we are arguably addicted to our devices, whether it be smart phones, tablets or game consoles. Why not take a break and get back to nature with a good old fashioned camping holiday. Think swimming, outside play, card games, books, board games and a camp fire (with marshmallows of course!). Try and keep your mobile phone at hand to use for emergencies only.

6.  Be responsible with your waste. Have a few separate bags or bins that you can use to separate your waste and recycling. If you are camping more remotely and there are not bins available to dispose of your rubbish in, make sure you take it all with you and leave the environment as you found it. Follow the concept of ‘leave no trace’ camping.

When you are back from holidays and in your workplace, if you would like some advice on  how you can be more responsible with your business waste and recycling please contact us.