KSE’s Philanthropic Venture in Sri Lanka

Our management team has recently returned from Sri Lanka, where they connected with charity Manusath Derana, witnessing firsthand the impact of both the Smart Classrooms we helped establish and the ultrasound machines we donated. Our Chief Financial Officer, Susantha Aparakka shares his personal reflections on this impactful journey.

Smart Classroom Project

As Winston Churchill once said, “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” These words resonate deeply with the KS Environmental management team, who recently had the heartwarming experience of witnessing the impact of their efforts firsthand.

KSE took a bold step to bridge the educational divide in Sri Lanka by providing Smart Classrooms to children in underprivileged rural areas. While children in prestigious schools enjoy modern facilities and experienced teachers, those in remote regions often lack even basic educational infrastructure. KSE’s mission was to create equal opportunities for all children, enabling them to compete on an even playing field.

Partnering with the Sri Lankan media channel Manusath Derana, KSE established Smart Classrooms equipped with online learning tools and internet-based interactive education across the island. These classrooms, now in over six rural schools, connect students with teachers from Colombo, expanding their horizons and boosting their confidence.

It  was great to see the joy and excitement of these children, who, regardless of their struggles with poverty and the daily challenges of life, now have access to quality education.

We learned that some of these children, despite not having their morning meals, are committed to attending school, understanding that education is their pathway to a brighter future. The sight of hundreds of students benefiting from these facilities fills our hearts with hope. If even one child’s dream is realized through this initiative, we believe we have achieved our goal. We are confident that among these students, there are future leaders who will one day make a significant impact on their communities and perhaps even the entire country.

The warm welcome we received from the children, who stood under the blazing sun waving the flags of both our countries, deeply moved us. These children had organized dances, presentations, and artifacts that entertained us, showing their deep gratitude in the best way they can. Their heartfelt recognition and gratitude were truly humbling.

We extend our sincere thanks to Manusath Derana for their invaluable support in making this project a reality. Without their dedication and assistance, none of this would have been possible. Together, we are making a lasting difference in the lives of these children and paving the way for a brighter future.

Donation of Ultrasound Equipment to Sri Lankan Hospitals and Teaching Universities

From educational facilities to hospitals, KSE has extended its philanthropic efforts by providing five advanced ultrasound machines to national hospitals in Sri Lanka. The urgent need for this life-saving equipment was brought to our attention during a meeting with Manusath Derana, where we were updated on our Smart Classroom project. We learned of the heartbreaking stories of lives lost due to the lack of essential medical diagnostic tools, especially during early childbirth and critical medical emergencies.

Moved by these stories and the immediate need, Paul Smith did not hesitate to inquire about the investment required to fulfill this need, understanding the economic crisis in the country. Within months, we secured and shipped the necessary ultrasound scanners to Sri Lanka, ensuring their immediate use in hospitals across the nation.

During our visit to Sri Lanka, we had the privilege of witnessing the impact of these ultrasound machines firsthand. In the bustling hospitals of Colombo and the challenging rural areas, we met with hospital heads and discussed their ongoing needs. Many of the ultrasound machines were allocated to Intensive Care Units, providing critical support where it was needed most.

Our visit to the neonatal wards was particularly emotional. We saw the dedication of doctors working with limited resources, using the ultrasound machines to scan infants’ brains, eliminating the need for risky surgeries. The gratitude expressed by the doctors was overwhelming, and they demonstrated the profound impact of these donations on their ability to care for patients.

One encounter that deeply touched us was with a mother of sextuplets. She came to personally thank us, sharing that the first scan performed by the newly installed ultrasound machine ensured the safe and healthy delivery of her babies. Her heartfelt gratitude and the joy in her eyes were incredibly moving, highlighting the life-changing impact of our donation.

Having witnessed these events, we are inspired to look out for similar opportunities and become involved where possible.Each member of our team who attended this visit came away with a profound sense of fulfillment and a renewed commitment to our mission.

At the conclusion of our tour, Dilith Jayaweera, the owner of Derana News Channel, expressed his gratitude for KSE’s generosity and hosted us for a lunch at his restaurant in Colombo. This gesture of hospitality and gratitude capped off a truly humbling and inspiring journey.

We returned to Melbourne with unforgettable memories and the blessings of so many beautiful faces and smiles. This experience will forever remain in our hearts.

Finally, a special thanks to Jeremy Sender of Buymed of Melbourne for his invaluable support in sourcing the ultrasound equipment at cost price and organizing the cargo for delivery to Colombo.

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