New Social Responsibility Initiatives

Over the years, KS Environmental have always been involved in various social responsibility ventures – be it locally, nationally and internationally. Giving back to society has always been something Paul Smith has felt strongly about and values the ability of our company to make a positive impact wherever possible.

We have recently become connected with charity Manusath Derana in Sri Lanka. And through this collaboration, have funded six Smart Classrooms for under-resourced schools in Sri Lanka. Recognising the challenges faced by people in their daily lives, particularly during the country’s bankruptcy announcement, and as a multicultural organisation operating in a diverse population in Melbourne, we felt strongly to support this project.

These Smart Classrooms are strategically located across key areas in Sri Lanka, enabling online learning and equal educational opportunities for students in rural areas, similar to those in more resourceful areas like Colombo. We believe this initiative will empower families by allowing their children to continue their education and create better futures.

Hospital ultrasound equipment

Also in Sri Lanka, we sent over a container of ultrasound equipment to two key hospitals. This equipment has since been used to diagnose critical brain and lung related illnesses.

iPads and computer donations

Instead of recycling, we have chosen to donate our preloved (but perfectly operating) iPads and computer equipment to those in need, primarily overseas. Again, these items were distributed to children in need (having lost their parents or facing financial difficulties) to help improve their quality of life.

More locally, KS Environmental is involved as a sponsor for: