Leave it on the shelf!

You are in the supermarket choosing your fruit and vegetables but no one asked you if you would like excessive packaging to go with your greens!

As time goes on we are being made increasingly aware of the negative impacts packaging is having on the environment. This can make you question why we are still so often seeing supermarket produce with over the top packaging that is not necessary in the first place.

If you are tired of seeing fruit and vegetables on the shelves with pointless packaging and want to help make a difference you can…by leaving it on the shelf! By leaving these products on the shelves, we can send supermarkets a message they can’t ignore. 1 Million Women has come up with a great initiative and that is a pledge programme (which is communicated to major supermarkets in Australia and worldwide) to ‘leave it on the shelf’. Click here to find out more.

And to help you out with further tips to stay away from the plastic packaging click here.

At work if you would like to look into some strategies your business could use to reduce waste or for commercial recycling solutions please contact us.