Summer waste reduction tips – barbecues

The summer months are still in full force and we should be out making the most of it while it lasts. The longer balmy summer evenings are a great excuse to catch up with friends for a barbecue and perhaps a few drinks. These events are great but will probably mean an increase in the amount of waste and recycling your household produces.

 Here are some waste reduction tips for those summertime barbecues:

  1. Crush cans and squash bottles before you put them into your recycling bin. This will significantly increase the amount of space available in your recycling bin.
  1. Have a few smaller tubs or receptacles around your BBQ area where your guests can dispose of their bottles and cans. If you make it easy then people will happily do this. It will also save you the clean-up operation the next day!
  1. If you find you have an overflowing recycling bin check out your local transfer station as they will usually take these items off you for free.
  1. Before you go shopping for food work out how many people you need to cater for and write a list to avoid over catering and wasting food.
  1. Meat sold in the supermarket uses a far bit of packaging (trays and wrap on the top), while many of the trays may now be recyclable it’s still better to avoid the packaging if you can. Why not buy meat from the local butcher? They can put it altogether in bulk hence saving on the packaging.
  1. Avoid using disposable plates and cutlery. Instead invest in some nice plastic ones that can be reused. This not only stops the unnecessary contribution to landfill but will also save you money in the long run.
  1. Store any left over food in reusable containers and enjoy for lunch the next day.
  1. Compost food scraps or use a worm farm. Click here for some options.

For further advice on recycling and waste reduction or to find out more about commercial recycling programs please contact us.