Summer waste reduction tips – holidays

Last week we gave you some waste reduction tips for summertime barbecues. Staying in tune with the season and theme, this post outlines some waste reduction tips for summer holidays and outings.

8 holiday period waste reduction tips:

  1. If you are heading away on a summer holiday remember to turn things off at the wall as appliances can drain power even in standby mode. It may also be worth looking into switching off your hot water if you are going away for an extended period of time.
  1. When packing fill reusable containers with toiletries rather than buying the travel sized options that will be disposed of.
  1. Pack and use rechargeable batteries for electrical items you need when you go camping or on holiday. Much better for the environment and will also work out cheaper for you in the long run.
  1. Fill your reusable drink bottles with water and freeze them (be careful not to fill them all the way up as water expands when frozen). Keep yourself hydrated and avoid having to purchase numerous bottles of water which will only be thrown away and can be costly. If you do purchase beverages make sure you recycle them correctly!
  1. Picnicking on the beach? Use reusable containers to pack and store your food in rather than disposable types that will only be sent to landfill.
  1. If you are spending the day at the beach remember to put a sunshade on your car to eliminate as much heat as possible in the car so the air conditioning doesn’t have to be over worked. And so the steering wheel doesn’t burn your hands when you hop back in!
  1. Purchase good quality camping and beach equipment. It may seem like a bigger outlay initially but in the long run it will save you money as you’ll be able to hold onto your gear for longer. Buying cheap alternatives that need to be thrown away before the season is over will ultimately mean more rubbish in the tips and less money in your pocket when you have to purchase the item again.
  1. If you are going away on a road trip, make sure you take your reusable coffee cup with you. There are some fantastic reusable coffee cups on the market – check outKeepCup. KeepCups are pleasant to drink from, are sealable and splash proof and can also be fully customized via their website.

For further advice on recycling and waste reduction or to find out more about commercial recycling programs please contact us.