Sustainability nomination for Springvale Shopping Centre

KS Environmental is excited to announce that our client Springvale Shopping Centre is up for a Sustainability nomination with the City Of Greater Dandenong for practices with Waste and Recycling.

Over the past few years (in conjunction with KS Environmental), the Centre has really taken a clear focus on reducing waste and becoming a more sustainable place. And the results speak volumes!

From this to that

General Waste

The general waste compactor is currently being tipped 3 days a week. This is compared to a whopping 6 -7 days a week, two years ago. To give you an indication of what was in this bin two years ago, we can see how the recycling rate has now increased in core waste streams…

Food Waste

Food organics bins are currently being tipped daily, compared to nil two years ago. We now dispose of approximately 25-26 tonne of organic matter per month (this was previously disposed of in landfill!).


The cardboard compactor is being tipped 3 days a week compared to once a week, two years ago. Cardboard compaction rates have jumped from 2 tonne a week to in excess of 7 tonne per week.

Steel and Hard Waste

This was introduced 18 months ago and diverts an additional 30M per annum from landfill!

The keys to sustainable success

All of this has been achieved by hard work, determination, patience and most importantly, over all team work between KS Environmental, Centre Management, Retailers and Cleaners. Training, education and participation have all been integral in achieving the outstanding results experienced at this Centre over the past two years.

  • We ran interactive training sessions for the cleaning companies which proved to be a terrific way to educate and obtain buy-in from these key parties.
  • Custom signage was created to cater for the Centre’s multicultural demographic.
  • Signage in English, Vietnamese and Chinese, was made site specific to stimulate participation by retailers and staff.
Staff onboard with food waste recycling
General Waste Compactor
General Waste Compactor










All of these initiatives have had an enormous impact on the Centre’s environmental position and have also achieved significant cost savings to the Centre per annum.

Good luck!

It has been a pleasure working with Springvale Shopping Centre and having a part to play in seeing their sustainability rise. We are very proud of what they have achieved so far and wish them the very best of luck with the nomination!