Recycling Week ideas for the workplace

Did you know next week is National Recycling Week?! If you are stuck for ideas on how your workplace can get involved check out these ideas for activities. They not only promote reusing and recycling but are also great for team bonding and staff morale.

6 easy, fun and interactive ideas for your workplace recycling week:

1.  Organise a clothing drive whereby staff members bring in any unwanted clothes and donate these to charity.

2.  Set up a staff ‘swap day’ for things (i.e. books, DVDs, games, clothes) that may be sitting at home unused.

3.  A week long ‘coffee cup challenge’ – no disposable coffee cups for the week! Hopefully a week of this will break habits and going forward staff will continue using reusable coffee cups.

4.  Feeling up for more of a challenge? How about going for the week long ‘waste-free lunch challenge’? This means zero packaging for all food you bring in, and only using reusable containers.

5.  Recycling week Selfie challenge. Workers take snaps throughout the week of any recycling/eco-friendly activities they do. After a week of consciously thinking about their actions, hopefully new habits may be formed.

6.  Environmental pledge station – workers make an environmental pledge that they will undertake for the next 6 months.

Recycling Week might also make you think about your current waste and recycling systems. Perhaps it’s time for a review of what you have in place?

KS Environmental would be happy to help your business out with a waste assessment. Contact us to find our more.

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