8 Energy saving tips for the Autumn

As the weather turns cooler and the nights start to close in, we realise autumn is here and so too our energy bills will start rising as we try to keep warm and cozy in our homes. Here’s some very easy energy saving tips that are also kind on the environment.

8 energy saving tips:

  1. Make the most of the autumn sun – even though the temperatures have dipped, when the sun is out it still holds a fair bit of strength. Leave your curtains open and you may be surprised how much natural light and heat can warm a room up.
  1. Think before you flick the heating on – instead of turning on the heater could wearing a warmer jumper and slippers or an extra blanket on the bed do the job? Does the whole house need to be heated?
  1. Reduce heat loss through the floor – the use of carpets and rugs are a great way to insulate a room.
  1. Seal leaks around doors and windows and use door snakes to keep out cold air.
  1. Avoid using your dryer unless absolutely necessary – on a sunny autumn day get the washing out to line dry, a bit of a breeze with the intensity of the sun should do the trick. If you are using your ducted floor heating at night place clothes horses over the top of the ducts and put a towel over the top of the clothes horse – creating a tent-like set up dries the items beneath pretty quickly.
  1. Ensure your fridge/freezer is sealing properly – over the course of a year an issue with the door seal can add to your electricity bill significantly. By allowing moist, warm air from the kitchen into the fridge means the fridge has to work extra hard to keep cool.
  1. Put in a water tank – if you have the space, consider installing a water tank to capture the autumn/winter rainfall so you can have an alternative supply for water.
  1. Get out and about – the weather in autumn is cooling down but it can be really lovely getting out on those crisp mornings. Turn the heating and appliances off and make the most of it and get out of the house when you can.

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